Competency Framework Testing

A commonly accepted definition of a test is “A procedure for critical evaluation; a means of determining the presence, quality, or truth of something” as well as “A basis for evaluation or judgment”.

We use “testing” as a general word to describe the way in which competencies are assessed in order to determine overall competence. The only way to know whether someone is displaying the appropriate behaviour, demonstrating the correct level of skill or simply has a particular knowledge is to “test” it. That may mean observing, questioning, assessing, evaluating or even being told by other team members that it happens. Whatever the means, each competency must be “tested” to ensure that it has actually, consistently been met.

A wide range of formal and informal “testing” options is available:-

Face to face or telephone discussion

  • Observation
  • Online testing
  • Written examination
  • Interview
  • Assessment or development centre
  • Practical assessment

Choosing the right option depends upon the competence and the reason it’s being tested.

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