Competency Frameworks

What does good performance look like?

It is guaranteed that if you ask your management team this question in relation to key roles in your organisation you will quickly realise that everyone judges “Good” differently, and that the range of opinions about what good performance looks like creates inconsistency, resulting in variable performance across the business.

A competency framework describes organisational values in clear and essential performance terms/standards that employees can aspire to and managers can interpret. Clearly described competencies provide transparent and objective criteria against which individuals may be assessed.

A competency is described as a skill, knowledge and behaviour that an individual needs to have or acquire in order to perform effectively in a given job, role or situation. As such, competencies are the inputs of an individual to demonstrable, measurable performance outputs known as competence.

A competency framework is a formalised method of defining each competency requirement for an individual to achieve competence in a job, role or situation.

Aligning competence (i.e. the performance outputs) to organisational need is imperative when developing a competency framework to ensure that the right people are doing the right things in the right way for the organisation.