Competency Frameworks for Recruitment

As organisations develop they create new strategic plans to meet changing and future business environments. They identify what people need to be able to do to achieve business goals over the next 5 years or longer and create a profile of the competencies required of future talent.

Competency based recruitment helps to ensure that the people who are recruited have the potential to succeed. Sometimes known as situational or behavioural interviews, competency based interviews are based on the premise that past behaviour is a probable predictor of future behaviour.

Interview questions are carefully designed to reveal specific skills, experiences and behaviours – all of the competencies which are relevant to job success for the position. The interviewer’s goal is to obtain specific examples of when and how a candidate has demonstrated particular behaviours.

Competency based recruitment and selection does require a disciplined approach to job analysis.

The benefits of competency based recruitment are:

  • It is results orientated
  • It is measurable
  • It minimises the risk of discrimination
  • Traditional training time is reduced
  • Improved interview effectiveness and decision making - use of behaviourally-based skill definitions for interview questions
  • Increased number of qualified job acceptances as the accuracy of candidate selection improves
  • Increased employee retention as the employee-job fit is improved
  • Reduced recruitment costs - as a result of the efficiencies gained by competency-based selection processes