The first step in either developing a Competency Framework from scratch or updating an existing framework is the analysis of the existing job roles. This analysis covers the skills, knowledge and behaviours required for the role.


Existing Framework

  • Examine how the current framework has been used and its’ effectiveness. You may need to consider whether it’s better to start with a new framework.
  • If the existing framework is fit for purpose, map existing job descriptions and roles to the framework.
  • Identify gaps.
  • Confirm any job role changes.
  • Confirm any new or prospective job roles.

New Framework

  • Identify existing and prospective job roles, descriptions and competence requirements in the form of skills, knowledge and behaviours.

The analysis will be a mixture of theoretical i.e. based on documented job role information, and practical. Through observation and possibly some assessment, it is possible to validate the competence requirements and expectations.


The next step is to consider the purpose of the framework in the organisation, how it will be used and by whom. Organisational goals and business objectives must be considered to ensure the framework not only meets the requirements for the job roles but also the wider business.

One example may be an organisational goal to reduce CO2 emissions that may lead to a business objective to reduce business travel by 20% over a 12 month period. This may result in a requirement being built into the competency framework for staff to be competent in the use of online meeting technology.

We take into account the requirements of all the stakeholders in developing a Competency Framework which is fit for purpose and is adaptable for changing business needs, without the need to re-write the whole framework. As such we gather the requirements of all the stakeholders to develop recommendations.


We agree the scope of the project after the initial consultation. The size of the organisation, the number of job roles, whether there is an existing framework and what processes are already in place, will affect the scope, duration and resource requirement of the project.