Advice & Guidance

"Competency Frameworks...joined up thinking"

As a business or organisation you will either have an existing competency framework or be at a stage where you are considering implementing one. Our advice and guidance will differ dependent on which category you fall into.

With change at its core, our consultation model guides you through each of the 4 stages whether you’re starting at the beginning or just need help with one stage of the process:-


The first step in either developing a competency framework (CF) from scratch or updating an existing framework is the analysis of the existing job roles. The analysis covers the skills, knowledge and behaviour required for the role.


Once the analysis is complete we can then draft out a new or revised CF for consideration by key stakeholders. Where there is no existing CF it is essential to work with key stakeholders to ensure they understand and support the process. It is often appropriate to consider any industry or professional competency frameworks that relate to the job role.


The implementation phase of the cycle is often the first time that individuals affected by the competency framework are able to fully understand it. Engagement is the key to managing this change.


Arguably the most important stage of the cycle, the competency framework’s impact on the organisation should be considered in 3 ways:-

  • Immediately – what is its immediate impact on the organisation and its people
  • Medium term
  • Long Term

Managing Change

As change is at the core of our approach we can provide professional advice and guidance to help you to manage the impact of change on the people in your organisation to seamlessly integrate the competency framework.

Advice and Guidance

At each and any of the stages our team of experienced professionals can:-

  • Support you with a light touch through telephone, email and online support, case studies and forums
  • Guide you by working alongside an experienced consultant
  • Design and Implement a ‘turn key’ solution using our skills and experience to take away the whole process, leaving you free to carry on with your business

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