Arguably the most important stage of the cycle, the competency framework’s impact on the organisation should be considered in 3 ways:-


We proactively work with management to review and respond to the immediate feedback from the stakeholders and job holders to the new Competency Framework.

Medium term

Typically once the Competency Framework has been rolled out and the job holders understand how they will be affected they have opportunity to raise questions/concerns leading up to when normal staff performance reviews are carried out. We provide support to ensure the review process is consistent with the framework and advise on processes and feedback to minimise staff concerns and facilitate the embedding of the competency framework(s).

Long Term

It is important to consider benchmarking competence levels across the organisation based on the initial analysis, previous performance reviews and on-going performance reviews. One of the outcomes should be that job holders achieve and maintain the levels of competence required for their existing role. They should also develop their competence to enable them to progress in the organisation, broaden their competencies or enable them to support their colleagues or provide greater flexibility for the organisation.