The implementation phase of the cycle is often the first time that individuals affected by the competency framework are able to fully understand it. Engagement is the key to managing this change.


  • Communication

    It is essential to communicate with the stakeholders throughout the process to ensure they understand the implications of the implementation of the Competency Framework(s) but it is at this stage that the whole organisation gets involved. The communication of the Competency Framework and how it will be applied could be as simple as a meeting or could involve- management briefings, staff meetings, internal web sites, newsletters, notice boards, team meetings and one-to-ones.

  • Involvement

    Stakeholders will have different priorities and it is essential to consider how and when they should be involved in the whole process. It may be that staff representatives, unions and other representative bodies will be involved in the communication and delivery of the new framework. This will have been considered as part of the planning design phase and we work with you to ensure that all stakeholders support the implementation.


  • Delivery

    A key aspect of the implementation is the understanding of the CF and how it is applied in the organisation. As such we provide training to ensure the people responsible for the implementation fully understand the framework, how it was designed, the competence descriptions and the levels of skill, knowledge and behaviours required as well as the impact of the change and how to manage it.

  • Job holders

    As a result of the analysis there may be learning and development needs identified for the job holders to meet the competence levels required for their roles. We work with you to identify appropriate learning and development options to enable the job holder to achieve the level of competence required. This could be formal training, on the job training, e-learning, coaching or mentoring.

Roll out

Ideally all staff are given the Competency Framework at the same time, along with a clear explanation for its implementation. This is not always possible but the time-scale should be as short as possible. Typically there will be a number of questions and concerns raised by the new framework and some job holders may feel the design does not suit their job role. Sometimes managers need support or coaching to help them gain the understanding of their staff or team. It is essential to respond to these quickly and effectively and we support this through communications, FAQs and consultations.