Why use frameworks?

Before considering the use of a competency framework, it is important to think about why you should use one in your organisation.

There are many benefits of using competency frameworks, including:-

  • Helping managers to manage resources more effectively
  • Helping employees to have a clear understanding of exactly what is required of them in their role and to what standard they are expected to perform it
  • Providing a fairer and more open recruitment process
  • Implementing measurable and standardised across job types, operational and geographical boundaries
  • Providing a fairer and more open remuneration and reward process based on an individual’s effort and its impact on organisational performance

To be effective and achieve the benefits stated, a competency framework must be developed and implemented with care as they can become unwieldy and unmanageable if out of date and backward-looking. Tailoring a competency framework and integrating it with your organisational processes will help you to monitor the effectiveness of performance, recruit and develop staff to meet organisational needs and succession plan with confidence.